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The focused environments for the Just Encase product lines are:  In the Home, At the Store and On the Water.
In the Home
Our school age kids today understand and accept the concept and regularly use a locker to protect their valuable items at school. The basis for the Just Encase products applies this school concept to the home. Our products are intended for parent use. Do you have a comprehensive safety strategy for your home today?
At the Store
Our ClearView Safe Cases are quickly becoming a component of many retailers PCI compliance strategy.  Secure your routers, firewall, POS equipment, within the back office of your store. Each Safe Case is manufactured with ventilation holes to disipate the heat generated by these devices.  Secure the live ethernet ports and protect your customer information.
On the Water
The ClearView Tackle Boxes are the Clear Choice for Musky fishing.  Each model is manufactured from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate which in addition to being strong, also blocks the damanging UV rays from fading or damaging your baits.  Available in numerous Carry models and well as in Casting Deck Box models.  Increase the space in your boat by adding a Deck Box where your baits are below where you are standing!.  Check out the newly introduced "Adjustable" Carry Boxes that allow you to set-up the spacing to fit your baits.  No longer is out of site, out of mind when it comes to finding your baits.  Find them immediately!  Many models are available with convenient built-in drawers for tools, leaders, and miscellaneous.  See why the leading Guides have already made the switch to Just Encase!
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