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Price: $360.00
Item Number: 241614DT
  • 6 Reversible dividers per side front to back at 3/4" intervals
  • 13 7/8" and 11 7/8" Reversible Dividers (Angled tops on one end, straight notch on other)
  • Partial Tray
  • 24"L x 16"W x 14"H Dimensions
  • Internally Adjustable Divider set-up.
  • Poly Living Hinge
  • 2 front mounted stainless steel draw latches
  • Medium stainless steel hatch holder/spring
  • 2 side handles
  • Tinted top and front
  • Non-slip 3M Safety Walk Top Application
  • Includes 14" Lure Retriever 

    Deck boxes are designed to perform as both a Casting Deck as well as for tackle storage. Some models are available with partial trays for storing tools, leaders, etc. 
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